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teenage girl bedroom Interior decorating 300x199 How to Decorate Teenage Girls RoomsIt’s not difficult to see that when girls grow up they stop liking the decorations they have in their rooms and this is when you have to start looking for ways to decorate teenage girl’s rooms with a completely different style. Your girls might probably dislike the girly stickers and posters in their rooms and that’s when you will have to think of a new decoration that is a lot more appropriate for their age and also a lot more modern. One of the best ways to redecorate teenage girl’s rooms is by creating some art on the walls.

The first thing you have to do is make a canvas where you will create your piece of art. Make sure you take all the furniture out of the room and that the floor is covered before you start your art project for your teenage girls rooms. It’s a good idea to go for a neutral tone so that you create a trendy look that will be ideal for anything you want to paint. If you like original ideas, then you should paint one wall with a bold colour or simply choose a nice patterned wallpaper. Now it’s time to have a look at some things that will help you create some pieces of art for your teenage girl’s rooms.

There are lots of ideas for wall art but some of the most popular ones include wallpaper murals, canvas, mirrors and clocks, shelves and many other things.

– Using canvas

It’s surprising to see the great range of canvas wall art objects on offer for teenage girl’s rooms that allow you to create amazing landscapes. If your girls are not very fond of nature, you can get three enlarged photos of their friends and simply print them on canvas. Most teenage girls also like music and fashion so they would be great ideas for canvas wall art.

– Mirrors and clocks

You can use mirrors and clocks to create some outstanding pieces of art for the walls. You can go for many different styles and models of clocks and mirrors so as to create a fantastic wall art piece that will surely be unique.

– Wallpaper

If your teenage girl’s rooms have a very simple style, a good way to add a special touch to them would be to use wallpapers of different patterns. You can even have your own design of wallpaper printed these days. You only have to pick out an image you like and then ask a canvas printing company to help you out with your project.

– Posters

Teenage girls always like posters of the band, actors or models they like. Rather than using blu-tack to stick on the walls, you could look for posters made of canvas or wallpaper so as not to ruin the walls.

– Shelves

You can use shelves not only to store books but also to create wall art for your teenage girl’s rooms. If you paint the shelves in some nice colours, they can even be the focal point of the wall. Have a look at magazines in order to find some great designs.

– Customized names

Another great idea for creating original wall art is to have the girls’ names customized. These prints are perfect for teenage girl’s rooms because you can choose the materials to go with the rest of the decoration of the bedroom.

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