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Nowadays, there are a lot of colours that seem to fashionable for any part of the house but choosing the right color scheme for living room will have to be done in a careful way so as to match the rest of the decoration of your house. One very trendy colour these days is light blue but the majority of people think it can be quite masculine and that any room of the house with that colour would look like a nursery. It’s important to say that any shade of blue can be suitable for males and females alike and that it can be used in any part of the house, even in your living room. If you decide to go for a blue color scheme for living room you will surely be able to come up with a very elegant result.

If we consider that blue is considered to be a calming colour, many people decide to use it only in areas where they need to relax such as bathrooms or bedrooms. But depending on the blue color scheme for living room you go for, you can make your living room look elegant and classy. You will have to be careful with the shade you choose because if it’s too bright you will get tired of it quite fast. Make sure that you combine the blue color scheme for living room with white, especially if you have dark furniture and floors. You can compliment the design by adding some nice palm trees and some Caribbean-style furniture. If you go for a bright color, you will have to ensure that you combine it with neutral colours to strike a balance.

If you decide to go for a darker blue color scheme for living room, it will be essential to keep things balanced. Remember that you will have to prime the walls in advance and that you might need to use various coats of paint to get the desired result. In this case, the rest of pieces in the living room should have a neutral color so as to avoid feeling overwhelmed in the room. You can add a few touches of colour once you are comfortable with how the floor, windows and furniture go with the color of the walls.

You can also go for a slate for the living room but you have to be careful or your living room will look outdated quite quickly. Remember that you are likely to change your furniture only after ten years of using it, which means that you will have to think about neutral fabric alternatives such as brown, white or black. You can change the colour of the walls in order to match the blue color scheme for living room with the other colours in the room.

In some cases blue furniture for the bedroom can be a great way to transform an area. This style can match an elegant or country design. Try to find a dresser you can paint in a slate blue and remember to include some gray in the paint so that the resulting colour is not too bold. Once you’ve finished, you can sand down some parts and replace the knobs for more modern ones.

Blue color scheme for living room can help you come up with a very relaxing or elegant space but it will all depend on your taste and your budget.

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